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Natural wonders, dazzling beaches, plenty of wildlife, modern and cosmopolitan metropolises, and excellent weather are some of the attributes that Australia has to offer. There are endless things you can do during your stay in Australia.

We know that it can be overwhelming not knowing what to do in a country with so much to offer. For this reason, we will mention ten places you should not miss on your next adventure in sunny Australia.


00:00 Why visiting Australia
00:28 Sydney
01:06 Great Barrier Reef
02:00 Melbourne
03:14 Brisbane
03:51 The Blue Mountains National Park
04:44 Tasmania
05:43 Perth
06:43 Broome
07:46 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
08:44 The Pinnacles
09:21 Places in Australia

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If you’re looking for a Travel eSIM, check out Maya Mobile here with 10% off: Join me as I fly to Dubai in style, this is extreme luxury at 30,000 feet! Come with me as I experience my first time flying First-Class from Bangkok to Dubai with Emirates. I'll take you through all of the highlights of this trip, from the moment I stepped into the very luxurious cabin while sipping some bubbly to savoring gourmet in-flight offerings curated by the top chefs! Every aspect of this journey redefined luxury travel for me and is the epitome of travel indulgence!You can now listen to this video in Spanish, Arabic or Hindi by going to settings in the video and selecting audio trackTravel items:* My American Express credit card - ( the channel membership to support the channel: ( social media:* Email - (business enquiries only please)* Instagram: (* Facebook: ( • Facebook travel community: ( Flying first class via Emirates! (Bangkok International Airport)5:13 Emirates first class lounge6:56 Priority Boarding8:07 How they treat you in first class12:14 Sleepy time13:28 Breakfast treat and quick tour17:12 Touchdown Dubai and how I got the full experience for cheap#dubai #firstclass #emirates #travelvlog

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At Virgin Atlantic, we’ve always championed individuality. Wherever you’re going, onboard or in life, we salute you. Here’s to those who are their own captains, a crew like no other. Those who were born to fly. Those who See The World Differently.